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Finding dimensions for 175g tank...

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I don't remember which forum I saw this on, but I know you guys are great and can help me....isn't there a size/gallon calculator for this??? I thought I have seen one, but can not find it now!!!

I found a 175g on and has dimensions, but they don't really "add" up. What is the dimensions/per gallon rule of thumb? Dimensions are listed as: 7ft Long X 19 Deep X 52 Tall...does that sound right?

Thanks in advance!!!
*kisses* you guys are great!!!!
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1 cubic inch of water is approx. 0.004 gallons. 84"L x 19"W x 52"H = 82992 x 0.004 = approx 332 gallons. You can use this site to get a more accurate calculation
52" deep? that's 4.25 feet!!!! I hope you are padi certified, or can get some lessons from Tom B. ;)

The dimensions do not up. Closer at 22" tall but still only 150+ gallons
(using 84")
((hugs and kisses))

I knew you guys are GREAT!!!!

Thanks...I am/planning on (as most of you know) getting a 150g and the dims are 6ft X 18.5 X 29.5, so I did not think the dims given for the 175 looked right.

Thanks guys!!!!


OOPS!!! it says 52in deep (including stand)...Missed the "(including stand")...darn! I was hoping for a place to swim indoors...LOL!!! Still dims. are a little off at 7ft long and 19 deep...I calculated 6ft long X 19in deep and 29.5 tall.
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