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Hey everyone,

My name is Eddie and I'm a geneticist/food science/brewer who has been keeping aquariums of various sizes and types since I recieved a 55 gallon community freshwater fish tank from my father when I was 5 years old. I wouldn't stop begging for a fish tank so he worked out a deal with the local fish store that he could return the setup after 6 weeks if I didn't take care of it. Come to find out I was so immediately obsessed with the fish tank that by the time I left for college half of our basement had shelves of breeding tanks, a 300 gallon Silver Arowana dominated predatory fish tank, a 75 gallon heavily planted discus tank, a 55 gallon red belly piranha tank and a 90 gallon reef. Now, most of those have been sold as life carried on and I lost the time to care for everything in college and grad school and on top of that I started a brewery so until recently there hasn't been time to have any sort of aquariums I thought would be worth sharing:laugh2: .

I currently have a 20 gallon (H) soon to be reef tank with a pair of clown fish and a UNS rimless 10 gallon planted "pond" aquarium.

I'll be posting a build thread later o today with details on the pond and my plans for two more planted tanks, one of which will be fairly unique. I attached two pictures of the pond from earlier this week (it has only been cycled and planted for a month now).



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