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Finally have the time to do it right!

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I am recently retired and now that I have the time with no professional distractions I decided to do it right! I have been fishkeeping for 50 years and now have a 55g community tank and a 10 g plated take with co2 injections and Finnex led lighting. I have fine black substrate about 2" deep as well as cured driftwood as retaining walls. The tank has been operating for about 2 months now and the plants are thriving and is stocked with the following:
12 neons
4 checkerboard tetras
1 blue ram
3 gold snails
3 japonica shrimp
10 cherry red shrimp
1 pleco

ammonia, nitrites and nitrates are zero


I do have an outbreak of ich which I am treating with Herbtana and raising the water temp to 86 from 77 for the past 6 days.

Thus far lost one Ram - the female :-(.

other than that all inhabitants are active and feeding well and hoping this treatment works.

if anybody has any other advice on how to treat given the invertebrates in the tank it would be helpful.

this is my first post of hopefully many and look forward to your feedback!!



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