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Finally going with pressurized co2

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So i have been running my tank for about 8 months now. I have been using diy co2 (yeast, sugar,water) but i want to make the jump to a pressurized system. The problem is the money.
I found this regulator
i was wondering if i could be able to connect a solenoid to this later if i wanted to. I don't have the money to buy a regulator with built in solenoid at this point but i would like to eventually have the co2 running on a timer.
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I like equipment that is NOT all tied together. If a simple part like a solenoid fails, I do not want to have to trade out the whole reg. I got my equipment used and it is built as several units rather than all stuck together. I see no reason this reg can't be done the same way. Recognize that this is not a top of the line dual stage reg and go with that. In the future, when money grows on trees, you may want to get a solenoid and some adapters to run out of the reg to the solenoid and then on downline to a bubble counter or into the tank. Not a big problem to find adapters to tie tubing from the reg to the solenoid. Do some bubble testing for leaks and one works the same as the other.

When money is short is a really good time to think about putting off spending money!!!
That would be a good choice for an inexpensive regulator, but you stil need a needle valve to make it work for a planted tank. The cheapest needle valve that is a good quality one is the Fabco NV-55,
Thats good to hear. I know its not a top of the line regulator. For now it will serve its purpose. the next question was going to be the needle valve. Tomorrow im gonna call some local welding supply stores and see if i can get tank for a good price.
I just figured since ive never done pressurized c02 before i should start a thread and get some insight.

Oh Rich im a landscaper, so i guess you could say my money does grow on trees, i just need more trees.
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