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In the past while, I've had RCS and CRS shrimp but have moved them from a 10gal to a 20gal long to a few replants and rescapes, so they kept getting disturbed.

Finally got everything settled in, got a 7.5gal cube for the crystals so I could lower the pH for them, got it down to 6.4pH, have at least 4 berried crystals in my tank, maybe more, it get hard to tell who is who. I also got some nice crystal blacks and tigers in their too, so I have no idea who got the red crystal berried but we'll see when they hatch.

In my 20gal with only RCS and some fire reds, I have at least 2 berried, one with yellow eggs, one with green and maybe another yellow egged one. I have at least 10 females all saddled as well, so I expect a population explosion soon.

Trying to get pics of them, one so I can tell what mama was berried based off coloring and patterns, and two to share and post.

Anyways, here's 1 nice pic I got. I love her red stripped legs.

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