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Finally fixed upload problem....

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Okay. So I might have maybe, sort of, slacked off and never really got around to fixing the competition upload form.

So now that it is working we can finally start running some competitions. All those who are ready and willing please travel to:

and start submitting photos. The first competition will begin at the Beginning of November!
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Are u sure!?

So when ends the submition period for November's competition?
Are u sure!?
Why are you having problems?

So when ends the submition period for November's competition?
October 31.
Not now! thanks!

I will get some photos :p
So whens the competition starting?
I just submitted a photo, but chose December 2007 as the month. Since we are IN December...did I chose the wrong month? If so, can I defer the photo to the next competition(or...just change the month to the next appropriate one?)
Also, there was no place that I saw to tag the photo with a username...does it track them? Sorry for the 64 questions!
is the photo you posted of a wild caught Etheostoma spectabile? They are on the state endangered species list in some states. They really are beautiful little fish, especially when the males are in breeding season.
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