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Filtration set-up: Help/suggestions/comments please

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I posted on APC forum but only got 1 response. I'd like some more ideas.:icon_surp

My question is this: What set-up combination would you use to filter a 55 gallon (48" x 12" x 20")?

Items available:
2x Hagen Aquaclear HOB 70
1x Eheim Classic 2215
1x Hagen Aquaclear Powerhead 20
1x Aquaclear HOB 50
1x Sponge filter for up to 20 gallons.

What combination do you suggest I use for the new tank?

I'd like to go with the single Eheim canister on one side of the tank, then maybe powerhead on the other side for water circulation. What do you think? Is this enough filtration?

It's going to be a South American blackwater biotope.
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I think your Ehiem+Ph sounds good, maybe not even the PH, nice & easy flow for blackwater. I have a cascade1000 canister on my 65 and it's ideal flow with just enough adjustment to give it some umph if I want.
Hmm thanks for the suggestion.

Currently I have all the cycled filter media in the aquaclear HOB 50, how do you suggest switch to the canister (which is not cycled)?

Do I just slowly remove the filter media from the HOB? Could I move some media to the canister too?
You can move the media to the canister, or just run the HOB for a few weeks while the canister catches up. That's what I'd do since a lot of your bacteria are going to be stuck to the walls of the HOB and living in the muck at the bottom of it. Then maybe after three weeks, move the media into the canister, fast or slow, doesn't matter.
I have a 2217 on my 75g. I like it a lot its very easy to clean and they offer a wide variety of media. But it my be a bit much for a 55g. I think its a bit much for my 75. So I say go with the 2215.

Thanks for the info on that--turns out I have the perfect filter then.

Now the problem is.. what to do with the 2x AC70, 1x AC50, and 1x sponge filter? Never really understood why the person I bought it from had to use 2x AC70 + the Eheim 2215 together.

I might convert the old 20g to a planted shrimp tank--use the sponge filter.

But that leaves 3x AC HOBs not in use--which is a massive waste. I might give one of the AC50 or 70 away to my friend who is upgrading his turtle tank, since he's been having problems with maintaining clean water, as his massive RESs eat and poop so much.
You could always put them here on the "swap-n-shop". Don't know if you want to recoupe any money or not, but I'm sure some one could use them. Also your LFS might give you some store credit, I know mine would.
I use my AC70 with just the sponge to polish water after I mess with the tank, another little HOB gets used on hospital tanks. Always good to have some spares sitting around.

Or swap 'em for plants :biggrin:
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