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Filtration Question

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So I have a 14 gallon biocube setup and I would like to use the middle chamber to build my tiered filtration system. I visited my local FS and they had these mesh paddings:
how should I layer it and what should I layer? keep in mind that it is 15" tall and 50% will be submerged. I can also set the egg crate levels at any height. Any and All advise will be very welcome!

Thanks ahead of time for the replies!
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Better than pillow filler is the quilt batting right next to it. It comes on long rolls.

Don't waste your money on the ammonia and phosphate removers. Carbon really isn't necessary either.

Plants eat up all the ammonia and phosphate you can throw at them.

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yeah, filtration is seriously overcomplicated these days.

you dont need ammonia media because dealing with this is the whole point of biofiltration. i havent used carbon in 15 years. i dont think phosphate removal makes sense in a planted tank.

to b honest i have seen no difference in filtration between using all these fancy medias that come with new filters and when i use nothing but foam and sponge - all that matters is that the filter is filled with porous media.
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