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Filtration Outflow Problem

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Hi everyone!

I am currently having a problem (as the title says) with the outflow of my filter (eheim 2215).
The problem is that my tank is not rimless, so when I tried to put the eheim wide return spout on the side of the tank, it doesn't get submersed in water. Basically the spout is too short.

What I need is options. Last resort would be something like ebay lily pipes but my parents wouldn't really like spending $50 on glass pipes. :icon_frow
I would like something that would create gentle flow, like a lily pipe (but not a lily pipe:icon_smil).

Thanks in advance for those who help!
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I find that I need to keep the tank water level high enough to cover the wide return spout.

You could also angle the wide return spout down slightly into the tank by wedging a piece of foam between the tank and the piping.
Well, because the tank is rimed, it looks um....what't the word...."tight" when filled up. It looks best when the water is about 3/4 of an inch from the bottom of the rim.

I have looked at the aquaticmagic 13mm lily pipes, their dimensions were literally perfect for my tank, correct height, depth, everything. So basically, I'm trying to find something that would match those dimensions.

PVC piping are considerable, just don't really know how to make one, for example, the output on Tom Barr's 120g. Directions on how to make one would be appreciated.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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