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filtration advice needed

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Finally decided I'm going to do another planted, rather than a marine. I need your suggestions for filters on my 40 Breeder. HOB is what i am comfortable with, but am interested in the canisters. I was looking at the Rena XP2. Needs to be quiet. Efficiency wouldn't hurt either. Thoughts? Suggestions? And of course..Thanks in adcvace!

p.s. I dont want to spend that much.
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If you get a canister, I would go with an Eheim. You will pay more up front, but cheaper in long run. Just remember you get what you pay for...
Rena xp3 or Eheim 2217 if you want to go with a cannister.
Eheim and Rena both make great quality filters IMO. I currently run various models of both brands and would highly recommend either one.

The XP's can run a little louder than Eheim classics, but if it's in an enclosed stand the slight difference is pretty much a moot point.
I'd be tempted to go with an XP3 rather than an XP2 if you go the Rena route.

Edit to agree with nok on the 2217 for the Eheim should you choose to go green. ;)
I'd also suggest keeping an eye on your local Craigslist.

A good portion of my hobby supplies have been nabbed from Craigslist over the years for pennies on the dollar. Just shop wisely.
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