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Prices are firm, no trades or negotiations.

Topfin 100 watt heater.....$8

Aqueon hang on the back filter x2.....$10 each + .....$5 for remaining cartridges

Whisper Power Filter.....$8 +.....$5 for remaining cartridges

5 gallon incandescent hood.....$5

Back up HOB motors, never used.....$8 each

Topfin HOB never used for 10 gallon.....$10

Stress Coat and Stress Zyme, used once.....$5 each

Whisper Air pump.....$5

Activated Carbon, used once.....$5

----------All the above together for $70----------

AquaTop IFE20 Internal Filter w/ Spray Bar + Bottom Jet.....$15
Used for one hour. I took the charcoal media out replaced it with EHEIM Substrat. I still have the charcoal spool and the EHEIM Substrat comes with it

VIV CO2 beetle diffuser, used for 3 days.....$15

Wet/Dry filter for 55-75 gallon, prefilter, hose, needs new gasket.....$60
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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