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Filter switch

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My canister filter started leaking bad. I shut it off and unplugged it. I have a aquaclear 70 still up and running. It's a 55 gallon by the way with about 20 fish( mostly neon tetras) and its heavily planted. My question is when I put another aquaclear on it in the morning will my tank cycle again or is there enough BB in the aquaclear 70 witch is still running on the tank??? It's probably a dumb question but I'm still pretty new to this.
Thanks so much

Sorry, I realize I put this In the wrong section. I just don't know how to move it.
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Normally substrate has such a big bacterial colony, that even changing filter completely won't harm you badly (maybe some mini-cycle). With other AC70 left on you are safe.
Aquaclear will do fine, so long as you keep it running and seeding the new filter when that comes.
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