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Filter size question.

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I tried the forum search function first but didn't have any luck.

What kind of flow am I wanting to get in a 29 gallon planted tank? I've been a fish only guy for a long time and usually go extra big on my filters.

Petsmart had a sale on little Aqueon Quietflow 20's, I was going to get a small sunsun canister, but the "ooo, cheaper" light lit up in my head when i saw these.

I went ahead and grabbed it since they were almost sold out, figured I could return it later if I changed my mind. The bio media part of it looks a bit iffy/ inadequate(but I'm good at modding things), the filter cartridges will be hard to reuse (but I'm sure i can rig something), and it's only rated for up to a 30 gallon tank. Plus it has some sort of water aerator just before the water goes back into the tank (would that release too much CO2?).

I usually go no less than twice the size of my tank capacity on the filter ratings, but since this is my first planted tank, I'm not quite sure what to aim for.

Are these little filters any good, I've seen them in a handful of pictures when people show off their tanks. How much water flow(pump gph) do I want in a planted tank this size?

Or should i just stop trying to be cheap and buy something good. ;) lol
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Get the SunSun, you won't regret it. I have two HOBs on 3/4 of my tanks, including my planted ones. I don't see any reason to change filtration because there are plants in the tank. It takes a bit of tweaking to get the filter flow right when running CO2 since you don't want surface agitation. Just don't plant anything delicate right in front of the filter flow and it'll be all good. ;)

If I were to run an HOB on a 29gal tank it would be an AquaClear 70. They will hold tons of media relative to the filter size, and you can customize the media however you like versus having to waste $$ on prefab filter cartridges.

I've personally been very happy running a Rena XP2 and am currently running an Eheim Ecco 2236 on my own 29gal. An Eheim Classic 2215 IMO also would be a great choice.
Thanks for the input all, I'll hopefully pick one out tonight. :)
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