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filter setups, need advice

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I have a 75g, and a 29g. The 75g has a rena xp3 and a eheim 2217 on it currently. The 29g has an eheim 2215 and emperor 400. I also have an eheim 2213, but I dont know if I should add this to the 29g and remove the emp 400. What would you do with two tanks and 5 filters? Sell a few or over filtrate? FYI the bio-load is low with one piranha in each tank.
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If your growing plants in the 29 and have CO2 I'd switch to the Eheim over the emperor, or just add the Eheim to the existing filters.
OR start a 10 gallon tank:thumbsup:
over filtrate
I'm not sure there's such a thing. As long as you don't have a tornado inside your tank, more filtration is better than less. IME the eheim is a much better filter than the emperor.

Just FYI. Although they're relatively slow growers, many piranha get into the 3-5 pound range. I think a 29 gal is a little small for a full grown piranha.

I'd hold on to the old filter. Save it for a future quarantine tank or something. Resale on that sort of thing is not very high, and you may end up wishing you had it at some later date.
I might just add both eheims onto the tank. Seems like that would be the best.

Also, sharkfood, I have a Serrasalmus Irritans in the 29g and hes about full grown at 6". I would like to have him in a bigger tank but I got the 29g for free. He should be ok for life in there.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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