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Filter(s) for 5x2x2' planted discus

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I'm setting up a 5x2x2' planted tank for discus.

Bio-load not too high - 6 x 6" blue diamond, 40 or so rummynose and some Corydorus.

I'm trying to decide on filtration.

First decision is do I have one big filter i.e. Fluval FX5, Eheim 2080 Pro 3 or Eheim Classic 2260.

Or two smaller filters i.e. Eheim 2028 Pro 2, Eheim Classic 2217, Rena XP4 or TetraTec 1200.

I like the simplicity aspect of one big filter and less hardware in the tank.

But I also like the backup factor and staggered maintenance of running two smaller filters.

What would you do, and please don't say a sump...?

Cost isn't a major consideration.
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I would go with 2 xp3 or Eheim Wet/dry 2229 .
I would go with 2 xp3 or Eheim Wet/dry 2229 .
I agree, I always run 2 filters. Not only for the backup, but the flow direction possibilities also.
Yes, good idea with 2 filters.

I'm looking into the Eheim Pro 3 2180 with 500w built-in heater. Maybe add a 2217 for good measure....
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