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Filter recommendations

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Ive recently realized i hate HOB filters. I have to add a powerhead to increase water movement throughout my tank. I do not like this. I want to make the move to a canister filter, which in the end is well worth it. I currently have a 38G tank and i would like a filter that could service my tank as well, but also a 6XG tank if i so choose to upgrade later.

I dont know much about the brands of canister filters so i would like you guys to help me :)!

Thank you
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I have two Rena xP1 canister filters (on 29g and 30g tanks) and really like their low maintenance, ease of use and quality. I just clean them once a month and they run like champs. I also got the Rena Smartheater that functions as an intake for the filter. You can find more information about the filters here
Eheim classic canister filters are really nice. I have the eheim 2217 on my 85 gallon.
I have an Eheim 2217 Classic on my 36 gal.... will be adding a 2215 as well.
(the2217 alone does not provide enough circulation for my taste)

In a less heavily planted tank, the 2217 alone would probably be fine, or you
could add a powerhead for additional circulation.


I've used both Rena and Ehiem. I really don't think you can go wrong with either. If you want something that's easy to maintain, either the Rena XP line or Ehiem Eco filters are good. I know that some staunch Ehiem fans don't like the Eco filters because they're not as good as the classics, but they are easier to maintain, and honestly, they're just fine. They might not be the most top of the line thing that Ehiem makes, but for most people I think they'd be fine. Same thing with the XP filters - they might not be perfect in every way, but for the price they are great.
Check out the price for Renas on eBay. XP3s at $50 NEW. Hard to beat that for value.
Check out the price for Renas on eBay. XP3s at $50 NEW. Hard to beat that for value.
That is the starting bid... cheapest they go for is $85... which is still a great deal.
I got Eheim 2213 and Eheim ECCO 2232.With the Ecco series, it takes me less than 5 minutes to do the maintenance. Eheim are great filters.
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