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Filter questions: new 120 tall tank

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Hi all,

Gotta love Craigslist! I just scored a 120 tank, stand, and VHO-lit custom canopy for $100.:hihi: It measures 5' x 18" x 30" tall. The stand includes an open space for an 18" cube tank, so I'm toying with the idea of either a quarantine tank there or a refugiumm/sump, but the main tank isn't drilled. I do plan to paint the back black, and use black blasting sand substrate. I want to minimize looking at wires, pumps, etc.

I'm planning a heavily planted tank with CO2 (starting with DIY)/ferts and a significant fish load: community tank with fish and inverts.

We live in the middle of nowhere, so I've decided on redundancy in filtration, and because this tank's location makes depth space limited, I must not consider HOB filters. For cleaner looks and overall ease of maintenance in a deep tank, I'm drawn to the idea of an under gravel jet system that will help with flow and keep some debris in the water column.

All those considerations lead me towards the following ideas:
* Two Eheim 2217s, one of which has an inline Hydor heater (enough for 120?) and is both plumbed with a CO2 reactor and powers the undergravel jets. The other Eheim would be for filtration and oxygenation via spray bar.
*Concerns about oxygenation: will the plants (when mature) be enough? Should I start out with an air stone given the tank depth, or will one Eheim spraybar be enough, given the movement from jets?
*On a heavily planned tank, is this too much filtration or movement (when mature)?
*Would you opt for a sump or a QT tank, given the choice (and why)?

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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100% go with a sump. I drilled my 120 gallon and it is easy as pie no issues at all. Once you go sump, you'll never go back to traditional in tank stuff. Everything can go in the sump - heaters, filters, reactors, CO2, etc. If you are really squeamish about drilling, you could always go with an over the back overflow, but they are not as reliable nor do they look as good. Also another benefit of a sump is the surface skimming effects of the overflow. My in-tank circulation is done with 4 return loc-line diffusers.
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