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Hey Fish People!

I'm in the process of collecting the equipment for a UNS60S aquarium.
I've got everything purchased already, filtration, C02, lighting, and hardscape.
However, I'm having doubts about my filtration now. I currently have the Zoomed Nano 15 turtle filter.
My original plans for a Shrimp Iwagumi (Monte Carlo) have been shot down by my lady friend. Seeing as she'll be looking at it every day as well, I wasn't upset in any way, she definitely gets a say in it. Anyway, she wants a higher bio-load aquarium.

I'll probably be keeping shrimp and smaller fish, and changing the scape to a shallow-nature style scape.
My plans are to have Narrow Java, Ludwigia super red, Petite Anubias, Cryptos, and of course Monte Carlo for the carpet in front.

My question is, if I wanted another filter, are there any other smaller external canisters that I can use? 3/8" tubing for my lily pipes as well. Or do you all think the Zoomed is enough?

The below is an extremely rough idea of the layout I'm going for. Seiryu will be added later, only as support pieces for the wood though.

Wood Trunk Tree Hardwood Art
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