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Allow me to turn you on to the best wet bio filter there is PERIOD!!! Filter Foam.html

His 1st pic is how I used to set up my filers for my breeder tanks for Africans.

I bought a huge pc of this from a pond supply place years ago when theyt went out of business. my is 6" deep, 12" wide 3" long. I cut it with an electric carving knife(think Thanksgiving).

For a HOB, toss out what they give you cut a chunk to fill the internal space...DONE. Never buy another pc of media. In my shrimp tank I did that and fitter a sponge over the intake. Squeeze it out in the water from a change...go to go again.

There's a lot of OLD SCHOOL stuff that is just plain better than tech.

RandomMan has a important point. If you do upgrade to a larger pc. of open foam, sick the new sponge in you tank, squeeze it so it fills with water, leave in the tank for a week, repeating the process. Install it in the HOB. Then do a larger water change.

Feed the fish light for a week.
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