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Filter leaked into particle board stand help!

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Hey guys, I noticed tonight my Aquatop filter has some sort of leak somewhere. I'm glad I caught it when I did.

Unfortunately, it has apparently leaked overnight and got into the edge of my stand door, and the right front corner. Is this enough to be worried about, or am I fairly safe?

I'd love to get a better stand for the tank but money won't allow that at the moment. Just want to make sure I'm covered for now based on these 2 photos. Thanks!

Stand leg:


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And about water damaged particle board:

You didn't say what size tank it holds, but if it's a sizable one I might have some concerns.

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This holds my 125. It's the stand and tank from petsmart. I'm honestly not sure how long it's been this way, but it had to have been an overnight or the last few days thing.

I noticed my aquatop had some moisture in the UV switch area, and then noticed a water line on the front bottom edge of my stand, then the door.

Tank was full, I did a big water change, then noticed it. I haven't noticed any sagging or anything that would look off other than these 2 photos.

I may have to just suck it up and buy a good stand :/

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yea , thats alot of water on the floor if that leg decides to give out
No suggestions other than a new stand I'm sure? Tank just got moved to this location a few weeks ago :/

And of course reading forums makes me 10x more paranoid. But this. I probably should be.

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Is the base of that stand broken as well (first picture behind the support)? For the short term, I'd at least reinforce with some 2x4 material (make it really snug as the particle board will have expanded due to moisture).

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Particle board tank stands are as useful as chocolate ashtrays. Buy cheap cry twice, and all that.
Crap, looks like marineland black oak stands are. "water resistant" particle board also.

I feel like I'm in a mess with this. My wife and buddy say let it ride, it's gonna be just fine for at least the next year now that we have the leaking filter thrown out. Me, I'm worried.

So looks like my friend and I are gonna be building a stand. He's handy lol

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For future reference, I'd consider putting the canister filter in a large plastic tote with a water sensor alarm for some added insurance :)

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