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Filter ID

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I picked up a canister filter at an auction recently, but I am not sure 'what it is'.
It is marked Ehiem 'professional'. It also came with an inline UV sterilizer. Got the whole set-up for $15 (and it works!!) So how do I know what the filter is, 2XXX, etc. Any help? There are no other numbers I have seem. Is there something 'under the hood'?

Thanks in advance!
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How many baskets? And you sure it isn't an inline heater and not a UV sterilizer?

My guess is that it is from the 21XX series. 2126 has two baskets, 2128 has three (if memory serves correctly).

$15 is an INSANE deal for either of those filters - I just dropped a few hundred dollars for two of them - great find!!!
2 baskets, and the 'inline attachment' is marked as a TatraPond D22 UV clarifier. What would you run for media in this system? Coarse on bottom, rings on top?

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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