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Filter for planted tank

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Hi guys,
I have a 2x1x1 ft 15 gal planted tank..
I am growing a Monte Carlo carpet and riccia fluitans..
I have an internal filter..
Do you think I should go for a canister or hob filter for aquarium of this size?
Suppose I replace the filter foam inside my internal filter with a sandwich of Foam-Ceramic-Foam..
Will that suffice? I can't spend much..

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HOB filters usually provide the most filtration for the money.

If you're injecting CO2 on this tank, canister filters won't outgas CO2 like most HOB filters will, and also can be used to distribute the CO2 into the tank. They're usually the most expensive, though.

Sponge filters are the cheapest option by far- but still very effective.
You mention you are on a budget. You are in India so a cheap and good option is to get a small internal filter which comes with just a sponge and do some modifications to the sponge as you mention.

Even simply cutting a sock in square shape and fitting it in can do a good job of filtration for you. So open the vertical filter so that u see the sponge and lay the square cut sock on the sponge and shut it back. Thats it.
You can add some ceramic rings inside your filter
If on a budget, just stick with the internal.

I recently set up a 20g tank and picked up a cheap $10 internal filter from walmart. I had planned on using it as a temporary fix to clear up cloudy water from rescapes and uprooted plants but have yet to take it out do to it working extremely well...even for a small, underpowered filter. I don't use filters in my planted tanks due to them being in bedrooms but I find internal filters extremely quiet.
I think I will stick with the internal and add ceramic rings to it along with the filter foam..

Thankyou so much everyone!

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