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filter for my 90 gallon tank

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I am looking at filters for my 90 gallon tank. It will be a planted tank and house about 8-10 angels. I am looking for your reviews on canister filters. I need some help and some advice.

Please list your pros and cons.
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I would get two actually. I'm running an Eheim 2026 and a Rena Filstar XP3 on my 90g, as one filter wasn't providing enough current. I don't know much about the XP4's or the new Eheim 3's, but that may be a solution if you want to use just one filter.
wow, only one suggestion?

I know you guys have some opinions!
Canister filters are kind of like religion. Some people believe in one and others believe in another.

That being said I also would go with a pair of filters. A pair of the same brand and model helps as you only need one size media. Also you can buy an extra impeller for when you need it and only need have one.
I run a rena xp1 on my 37 gallon and sometimes I think it is to much. Two rena xp1's is what I would use if I was in your situation, but I tend to underfilter. My xp1 is totally silent.
Use two Rena FilStar xp3's
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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