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Filter for a 75g aquarium...

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I have my 75g aquarium coming here in a little less than a week and I want to know, what is a good, cheap canister filter? I will not do HOB filters as this is a rimless tank and it would ruin the effect. I plan on getting one or two under gravel jets with a sponge on the end to provide extra current and a tiny bit of filtration. I want to get a eheim but those are pricey. Search ebay for: "Sale Odyssea CFS 500 GPH Aquarium Canister Filter New"
Powerful pump, Include media, Durable shut off valves" I might be getting one of these, would that suffice?

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I would still push for an eheim despite the painfully high price.

I hear good things about sun sun, though I have never owned one myself.
I like eheim's and renas. I don't think you can beat a rena for value though.
So I got that Odyssea CFS 500. Just about 10 days later and the flow is just as strong and it is rockin away.

I am very pleased with my very cheap investment. Very, very pleased.
I have an Eheim 2227 Wet/Dry that has been on my 75 gallon planted for 13 years+ and still running strong! Worth the cost in the long run.
I've heard only good things about Sun Sun canister filters, quite a widely used brand over here due to all the importers. Then again, Eheims have been and probably will be, around forever.

Personally I'd run any combo of Eheim 2217s and/or Rena XP3s and run 2 canisters on a 75gal.
i have a fx5 on my 75g.
the sunsun works like a charm and the price is right
Okay, if that filter is still available in a month I will get it, if not I will try to get a used eheim or something like that...
if you just type canister filter in ebay it will bring a few up
Thats how I found out about that odysessa
Look for one of the eheim deals that includes media and accessories. Marine depot has them .

With the media, they can become a decent deal. Look at the pro 3 prices with media.
i would go for a pair of 2217 classics.
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