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Filter for a 35L Nano

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I have now got Two 35L Arcadia ARC Tanks, it comes with a Filter and a 11W Lamp. Its L40cm X W28cm X H33cm.
Check It Out:
Wanted to put them Side By Side. Thought it might look quite cute like that.
What i REALLY Need is a filter for it. I think this is one thing i HAVE to sort out before i go any further really. What do you guys recommeded? Its a 35L.
So far my options are a AquaOne Hang Oover one, Fluval 2Plus or a Interpet PF1 or Mini.
What do you guys think?
Cheers Guys!
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I think in small tanks an internal filter like the Fluval can make any nice aquascaping hopeless. I'd use a little HOB filter (not sure about the "Hangover" one ;)) or even a small canister, like the Zoomed 501.
Here's a couple of Good threads on DIY nano canister filters:

Nano Cannister Filter (56 K W)

Pictures of the one I made and use are in Post #17. The only change I would make is a bigger pump (ViaAqua 360 or 480). I've been using it for over a yr without any problems.

DIY Mini Canister Filter for nano tanks

Been told that the Eden 501 water flow would not be strong enough for my size tank. Eeek!

And the only HOB Filter i can get my hands on is AquaOnes. What do you guys think:

What do you guys think?

I'd research what filter media they take. Over here, Hagen AquaClear filters are great because of their flexibility, you can stuff them full of sponges, or add biomedia as desired.

Others take prefabricated cartridges that only work for that specific model, and I stay away from those.

Other than that, all those HOB filters are pretty similar. One disadvantage is that they might splash the water back into the tank, if you plan on adding CO2, the surface agitation can remove much of it. Raising the water level to minimize splashing, or modifying the outflow lip can reduce that effect.

You mention you got the ARC tanks with filter -- can't use that one?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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