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Filter Cleaning Frequency

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How often do you clean and how thorough a cleaning do you do?

Have 2 Eheims 2217's for a 125 gal. It's 2 months old and a lot of diatoms, etc. have gone into them.
Hoses are full of bacteria (crud?) and suspect everything should be cleaned, while adding new beneficial bacteria. Actually, clean one and do the other a month from then.

What do you do with similar?
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How is your flow?

I have numerous Eheims and dont clean mine till I notice my flow slowing down. Usually, 4 times a yr
unless you see a pretty large change in your flow, or dont feel the filter is doing its job well there really is no reason to mess with things. i have a rena xp3 on a 55g and have cleaned it 2x in a year and 3 months, and everything is great.
I do notice a reduction in flow.
It might be due to so much diatom (brown algae) I have experienced.
It seems to me like a lot but that may be because it's my tank and a new one.

thanks for the reply

I also clean mine when i noticed the flow slowing down, but this usually occurs every 2-3 months. I have an XP3 and an Eheim 2128 on my 125 gallon.

My smaller tanks go through longer phases, probably about 3-4 months. I would have to think it's due to the detritus. I feed more frequently and in bigger quantities in my 125 gallon.
I have found the frequency of filter cleaning for me is highly dependent on how much fish food they eat. I just cleaned 2 Fluvals that lasted over a year, the rest of my Fluvals usually go 4 or 5 months. My eheims get cleaned more frequently, rarely get one to last 4 months. Flow gets kinda tricky sometimes, after a while you get a feel for the filter and how it performs for a certain tank. I would think two 2217s would last 2 or 3 months at least on a 125, again depending on how much fish food they eat and of course the bio load.......DC
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