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Okay I got a xp3 last year and find that it has lost alot of flow even aster taking it apart and cleaning it.

Am I just siting on a crappy filter?
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Only thing I can think of is to tear it apart and double check that everything is clean, seated well/properly and has no obstructions.

Are you still using the original fine/polishing insert (or whatever they refer to it as). I pitched mine fairly quickly and started using floss.

I've had a couple for a few years and haven't had any problems with parts etc. wearing out to reduce flow.
Hmmmmmmmm I will try that
Are the hoses kinked?
You can also check the website at
My 3 YO XP2 still works like a champ.
Also make sure the cover that holds the impeller in place is holding it in properly. Mine would pop off as soon as I started the filter, but would look fine on initial inspection.

It took a while for me to get it set and actually locked in place. Also, before taking it all the way apart, make sure lots of leaves (or in my case duckweed) isn't getting sucked in all at once. It gets caught at the inlet at the top of the filter and can also impede flow.
The flow do reduce a little but not much after awhile.
Do you have a inline CO2 diffusor? This will reduce the flow as well.
No co2 and I will have to check on ever thing again. Its really irritating me to the point I'm going to go buy a fluval
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