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Alright, figured I better do this. So. Hey guys!
I am not exactly new to this forum, I was active on it years ago but life happened and I have long since forgotten my username and password- and the email I used is no longer activated, so I just opted to start fresh.

In any event- not new to the aquatic planted tank world in the slightest, however I am out of practice. As of late my travelers lifestyle isnt exactly conducive to fish keeping, or pets of any kind, so I havent. However im getting close to graduating and therfore my reckless traveling will be slowing down and ill hopefully have more time to get back into a hobby I love.

I am 24 but still in school. I am in school in Idaho but I work in Alaska, so simply bouncing between the two is fun to say the least. I am also an avid world traveler. Last year I hit 10 new countries :) so that was fun. I recently returned home from living abroad in Ukraine. I am minoring in Russian in school and Majoring in Public Relations.

I love this hobby tons! It is one of my pure joys in life. I also enjoy SW fish keeping, however I havent had the opportunity to have a SW aquarium for some years.

My dream aquarium is a huge (200 ish gallon) shallower planted riparium style discus tank. Thats the dream!

Ask away if you wish, I dont mind sharing about myself and....nice to meet or possibly re-meet yall!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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