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Ive meant to do this journal for a while, but there are so many picture to upload, i just never felt like it!
Tonight is the night though!
So, lemme introduce you to my big tank.
Its 50 gallons, and is home to my betta, Tyrion, my original nine guppies, Which all kinda have names, and some of their off spring, some fully grown, some almost, and some juvies, totaling 15-17? I think? Im bad at counting fish! Whenever they have babies though, i hunt those suckers down and put em in my fry tank..
Theres also seven cories, four emerald, and three albino. There was three salt and pepper cories, but one died, and i added the other two into my ten gallon, and one died recently.
There were ten pristella tetras, but i took them out, and they are waiting in another tank to e rehomed, and there was ten cherry barbs, but i had horrible luck with them, the females in particular, getting sick, randomly dying, and getting weird growths and sores that none of my other fish got. So i removed them a few weeks ago, to my QT tanks, and they immediately all got ick and died. But as bad as it sounds, they were such a frustration, and even started hunting in packs to kill my new cherry shrimp, im glad they are gone. It does kinda suck because i really like the look and behavior of the cherry barbs..just not the pack hunting my shrimp part! Maybe one day ill try them again..for now, no more Cherries. =/
Anywhooo...Back to residents of my tank!
Along with my gups and Tyrion, there are my plecos, a rubbernose and a bristle nose,[which rasps the hell outta my amazon sword, but hes just to awesome to get rid of], and some apple snails. Currently there are only two male apple snails [one golden one brown striped] in the tank, as my females were getting way too much 'attention' from the males! I have two females [again, one golden and one brown striped] in separate tanks, and i just recently got an ivory female! Shes in my ten gallon though. I mated her with my brown striped male, because i wanted to see if she was a girl or a boy. When i think of it, i shouldve done it with my golden male, because i just love goldens.
There is also four juvie apple snails, from my first egg sack, and i think 15 MTS, and a handful of cherry red shrimp as well.

On to the pictures!!
Heres a first-ish picture, where all i had was water sprite and parrots feather, and still had plastic plants...
View attachment 58238
The next picture, i had added caboma, two smaller swords, an onion plant and some anacharis.
View attachment 58239
The next shot, i added a huge amazon sword, as you can see. Cost me $12 and well worth it!
View attachment 58240
The next couple of shots was me rearranging the tank, cause i am never satisfied!
View attachment 58241
View attachment 58242

Then i got a huge plant order from H4n, and shrimps from NYKitten!
I cant for the life of my find my plant list, so here is me guessing at what i got:
Parrots feather
Hygroryza aristata
amazon frogbit
flame moss
guppy grass
rotala green
java fern
rotala rotundifolia

I think that was the list!
Anyways, here are pictures is took of my order.
View attachment 58243
View attachment 58244
View attachment 58245
View attachment 58246
View attachment 58247
View attachment 58248
And yes, i picked through my order and found this subwassertang! [I really nee to get an order of this!]
View attachment 58252

And shrimpies from NYkitten...
View attachment 58250
View attachment 58249
The adults went into to 50 gallon, but didnt survive long, as i found my gups having shrimps sans cocktail sauce about a week and a half later. Half the juvies went in the fifty gallon and half in the ten. Im pretty sure most of them got eaten, though i do still see them, sometimes a bunch at once, so i know they are still there! I do plant on having a shrimp only tank after Christmas though.

So, this is all the pictures i can upload this post, so ill continue in another post!

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So, heres what my tank looked like after i planted. They were all put in half haphazardly, just so i could get them in, cause i didnt have the time, energy or creativity to scape.
View attachment 58254

Id like to share a few shots of my tanks fish, and a few videos...
View attachment 58257
Heres my male golden and my Rubbernose pleco, enjoying some celery. Rubbernose is much shyer than Bristlenose, but has come around ALOT in the past few months. He has these weird black markings on his nose and on his tail, but I like it. Ive looked it up, and couldent find anything that would tell me its something bad, so I havent done anything.
View attachment 58256
This is Tryion, enjoying his guppy grass nest..
View attachment 58258
This is Bristlenose pleco, the second largest fish in the tank. Hes mowing down on a celery stalk, but i stuck em in the sand, so it looks like hes doing a headstand! Lmao
Im trying to grow some java and riccia moss rocks, and here are my attempts, along with the middle of my tank, and some placements for the plants i recieved from H4n.
View attachment 58259
And here, i believe its them sprouting? Or maybe its just flyaway ends, and Im just hopeful..=]
View attachment 58260
This is what i call my shrimp haven, as I made a corral of my smaller swords, and planted anacharis in there, and stuffed it with java moss...
View attachment 58255

Here are some videos of the tank, first being feeding time on the substrate, with BN pleco is kinda main, and one of my cories, who we call BrokeBack Cory, who has a bent spine, and i got for free. Hes by far my favorite cory!

And this video is something i do for fun, cause it amuses me. I use a clip, and put an algea wafer in it, and hang it bu an air hose. This lets the fish have an algea party!

At the end of that video, you see me swing the camera..Its cause i noticed movement and noticed BN pleco inturrupting snail sex! They mustve had something tasty on them!
And this is when BN pleco is invited to the algae party, and he just cant figure out how to get it..Tehe..

Im sending this post out, though ill be editing, as im about to go take pictures, but i dont want my computer to erase what ive written!

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Here are the photos from the other day...and they are already out of date! I changed bits of it again!
But only cause i got two new lace rocks that look really good in my tank..ugh! =]

Anyways, here is the FTS of the other day.
View attachment 58348

Heres Shrimp Haven, an area filled with anacharis and java moss, it keeps them safe in my tank from hungry or adventurous guppies!
View attachment 58349

And heres my Amazon Corner, the biggest plant in my tank, [so far!] and an awesome spot to hang out, apparently. The log is fake, but its perfect the way it is..The log sticking out of it IS real, and i thread ties java moss to it, and ive been growing it for about a month. kinda needs a trim, huh? Lol.
View attachment 58350
View attachment 58356

Tyrion loves to hang out here, and as im taking pictures, i have this grump face looking at me..
View attachment 58357
View attachment 58358

And I see this guy..Hes one of my juvie apple snails, five months old, enjoying some hygroryza aristatas roots..
View attachment 58359

Oh, and you hadnt notices, my amazons leaves, heres a close up...
View attachment 58360

Those leaves are RASPED. But my BN pleco. He loves em!
I dont know what to do to make him stop, and as you can see new leaves are coming up, and the leaves themselves seem to still be alove, if not a bit holey...Heres the culprit!
View attachment 58361

A favorite in the tank is zucchini! Usually its BN pleco whose eating away, but Golden male tucks his body in and muscles in, and doesnt stop until BN is fed up and leaves...
View attachment 58362
View attachment 58363

And heres my cory fry set up! I have a thread about this,
[[ ]]

But wanted to show it here too.

And also cause my favorite thing in the world is happening here. A Gup in a Cup! =D

The cup is there to help with water flow during water changes. When i made the cory fry setup, i needed something to brace it. the cup isnt fully enclosed, so fish can get in, but they are not stuck. They all go in there, and they all love it. The cories sit in it, tyrion sleeps in it, The cherry barbs used to have boys club meetings in there, but only TWICE has BN pleco been in the cup. Its kind of the funny thing to see, and me and my boyfriend always see em and say , "gup in a cup!" or 'Cory in a cup!"

I guess were wierd. Lol
Water Plant Botany Liquid Organism

I will take more pictures tonight of the tank, and try to upload them tonight, so this journal is up to date! =]

[[Picture of one of my puppies, Maggie Lou Who. =] ]]
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