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Few shots of my shrimps!!!

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Long time everyone!!!! Here are few shots of my shrimpS
Took me almost 1 and half hour to upload the photos and post this new thread!!! Hope you guys can see it!!:grin2:

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damn those are some nice shrimps. you breed? you sell?
Thx!!!! All breed here for more than 5 years!!!! CRS are even more than 10 years!!!!😉
Great shots @kangshiang ! Beautiful healthy looking shrimp. Can you tell us about your setup? What sized tanks, equip, feeding, etc?

I just bought a heavy duty shelf unit and plan on setting up a multi tank shrimp operation. You seem very successful at shrimping so I look forward to learning from you.
I have around 40 tanks.
All around 20g tank.
Filtration system: Under gravel filter (not full covered, only 1/4 of the tank) and one sponge filter.
ADA amzonia soil with few African type soil
Lighting system: LED t5 tubes..
Feed them with one kind of shrimp food Food from Taiwan as I remembered it's 1 lbs for $1.5. Also with straw pellets.
That's pretty much all.... Nothing special . Just want to make it as simple as possible...
LMK if you have any questions!!! 😉
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What are your parameters for your CRS / CBS? Always interesting to me because of how all over the board they are online. Mine are at 7.2 ph, 6 dGH, 3 KH, 140 TDS, and 23-24C, but I have another month or so before I can start getting berried females.

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Sorry for that I dont' have equipments to check the parameters. The only I have is a TDS meter and thermometer.
I keep my tanks around 25C and TDS 180....PH should be lower than 7 since I use Amazonia soil.
From my more than 10 years of experience breeding them, I believed the bacteria system is more important. Makre sure complete cycle the tank before throw in any shrimp should be the key!!
They can survive in a wide range of the water parameters. I been keep them from PH 5.8~7.8, TDS from 90 to 560 and they all breed like crazy!!!
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My tanks are on a heavy duty shelf so I can only take photos from this side.. On this setting I don't have under gravel filters only 2 sponge filters each tank!!!

Here is a 6 years old tank mixed with CBS, CRS, golden bees and mischlings...

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