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Otocinclus Vittatus - $3/fish - Tank bred/raised

Caridina cantonensis sp. 'Tiger' - $2.50/ea
Caridina serrata var. 'Tangerine Tiger' - $6/ea
Neocaridina heteropoda var. 'Red' (Red Cherry) - $1/ea

Cryptocoryne pontederiifolia - $2/plant
Rotala hippuris - $1.50/stem
Rotala sp. 'thailand' - $1.50/stem

Java Moss - $2/portion
Subwassertang - $6/portion

* DISCLAIMER * Plants are coming from tanks that possibly have bladder (Physidae family), pond (Lymnaeidae family) and Gyraulus sp. snails. Unless specifically requested, every effort will be made to remove snails and eggs prior to shipping.

Shipping/Pick Up

72 Hour Heat Pack - $2

PLANTS - $6 Priority shipping via USPS.

SHRIMP - $10 Priority shipping via USPS. Express shipping available upon request at an additional charge. Shrimp are carefully packaged in Kordon breather bags with a snipet of moss to cling to during the journey. Shrimp come with a Live Arrival Guarantee. You must provide a picture of the unopened bag within two hours of delivery.

OTOS - $10 priority shipping. No DOA guarantee available for priority shipping. Express shipping is available at direct cost. Live Arrival Guaranteed with Express shipping only due to the nature of these little guys.

Free local pickup/delivery can possibly be arranged in the Fredericksburg/Richmond VA areas.

Additional Details

Preferred method of payment is PayPal on all orders over $1.

PM for more details.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks Kindly!
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