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I don't do this anymore
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Hey guys! Got a few crypts that are just taking up space, and I need some cash too. So, here we are!

I have a very nice sized Crypt Wendtii 'Bronze', its tallest leaves going about 12" high. Here's a pic.

I'll start it out at $12. It's a very nice sized guy, needs a bit more love than I have time for right now. It's algae-free as far as I can tell, and very hardy. Didn't even melt when I first got it. GENERIC SNAIL WARNING! MAY CONTAIN SNAILS AND/OR SNAIL EGGS!

This is a small crypt Spiralis (Below). Alone it's $2, I'll let it go for free with purchase of the above crypt. It reaches about 10". GENERIC SNAIL WARNING! MAY CONTAIN SNAILS AND/OR SNAIL EGGS!

***SOLD!!!***I have a little sample bag of Jake's Om Nom Nom foods, for those shrimpers who wanna try out some higher quality foods. $3. Contains sample of Jake's Veggie Sticks with extra calcium, Jake's Om Nom Nom Complete Veggie, and Jake's Om Nom Nom Organic Barley. ***SOLD!!!***

Golf ball of algae free Flame moss, quite green, $5. I don't have a pic handy, PM me if you want one. GENERIC SNAIL WARNING! MAY CONTAIN SNAILS AND/OR SNAIL EGGS!

Shipping not included. Shipping for the Crypt Wendtii 'Bronze' will be $8.00 with tracking number, shipped in a styrofoam-lined Priority mail box. No heat packs, but this is a very hardy plant. It will be the same if you purchase the Crypt Spiralis WITH the big crypt.

If you want just the Spiralis, it'll be $5 with tracking, no heat pack or styrofoam though. $7 if you want it in a bigger box with styrofoam and tracking. Same shipping price for Flame moss.

Important! DOA policy: I explicitly ask for a clear photo of the dead plant(s) within 2 hours of delivery confirmation. DOA policy is void if there are any unexpected shipping delays or for some reason you were not able to receive the plant(s) on first delivery attempt.

$2.00 without tracking First Class mail for the shrimp food sample.

Check my feedback, I'm very honest and communicative, contact me if you have any questions or issues, I'll be happy to help!

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