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Ferts and Cherries

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I have dosed my tank two times with API Leaf Zone 0-0-3 formula, and i was wondering if this would hurt Cherry shrimp? I am wanted to add 20 or so and i dont know if it would harm them at all? sanitized.pdf
^^ There is the contents.
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Arsenic scares me. lol

I am not sure what API will do, but I will let you know that I dose with Root Medic's liquid ferts, with no ill-affects. Sorry, I can't help you. But cherries seriously, can live through just about anything. They remind me of cockaroaches.
Im just wondering about the copper? I also worry about my female betta, she's always hunting around looking for food.
The betta will definitely eat the shrimp :)

As for the copper.... Copper based treatments are bad only if the copper percentage is incredibly high. Small doses of copper, won't harm your shrimp. Shrimp actually need a little bit of copper to make their blood. Same goes with foods :)
Well ill have to put it in my small tank for it for now :) And alsoo what would you recommend for covering my filter intake?
I need to get some pictures of the tank, its heavily planted because of all the plants i just recently got.
Thanks for the help, im new to shrimps.
Most of us use one of the fluval ones. There are a few others available too :)

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Thanks for all the help. I think im just going to cut my dosing in half just to be safe.
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