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Hi everyone.

I have been using the EI method of fertilizing with decent success in my low light tank. I have been using the petalphile calculator and dosing for the EI low light/weekly method. My tank is a 29 gallon shrimp tank and I would love to scale back my water changes to way less than 50% a week

So what other fertilizing methods are there?

I ask because the way I am doing my water changes at the moment is not very efficient. I use RO water which comes out cold, and I use 3 five gallon buckets for my water change and have only a single 50w heater on hand to get those buckets to match my tanks temp. (well, close)

I guess I could go out any buy a water holding container and add an air stone and heater so the water is ready right out the bat, (and finally add an auto shut off) but that will cost some moolah. :icon_frow My wallet has become rather limited due to my wedding in a month (and someones lack of staying under budget)

So I figured maybe I could just change the way I fertilize my tank so that I dont have to do such large water changes. I think it would be fun to learn another way to fertilize anyway

All opinions welcome
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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