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I am mostly new to the hobby and recently got a Spec V set up. Tank info:

Finnex Fugeray Planted+ (on for two 4 hour cycles)
CaribSea FloraMax Substrate

Marimo Moss Ball
Dwarf Hair Grass
Amazon sword
Planning on getting some Jungle Val for the background and probably a couple other plants soon as well

2 amanos
1 nerite
Hoping to get 5 or so CPD's soon!

I am trying to decide how much fertilizing to do. I am on a budget and would like to remain semi-low tech if possible. Right now I am dosing .5 mL of Excel everyday (hence "medium" tech). However, I recently became aware of my possible need for fert because my amazon sword had several leaves become transparent and die off and I am desiring some faster growth in the DHG.

I looked into doing EI with dry ferts from but
I am hesitant to spend $20 on a pound of potassium nitrate and a pound of mono-potassium phosphate. I know it is cheap in the long run but its expensive to start up (have to buy little measuring spoons also) and 2 lbs of fert would last me a really long time.

The other option I was considering was just Seachem Flourish with the Seachem Potassium. I know that in the long run this may be more expensive but I can get both in 250mL bottles for around $10 and these will last me a long time I'm sure. My question is this: would dosing only flourish and potassium be enough once I have the bioload of a few fish to add to the nitrogen and phosphorous?

Sorry for the lengthy post, this aquarium thing is more complex than I would have ever guessed!


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