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I bought 5 pots of Micro sword (along with amazon sword in pot, and some moneywort lead bunches)
The micro sword arrived pretty weak/melted and with only a few blades per pot, it doesn't look substantial enough to split apart and start a carpet in my 55G tank so I'd like to revive them and grow out to a healthier bush before separating them. What is the best approach for that?

I'm new to planted tanks, but I'm inclined to put a root tab in each pot since I think I need to do water changes, however I'm not sure if that is too much fertilizer for a Micro Sword pot, or if multiple tabs are an issue when combined in a 2gal container.
I'm assuming these were emersed, and hoping this is a result of transitioning to submersed.

They just arrived and are currently sitting in a separate 2 gallon quarantine container.
For fertilizer I have access to both 'Easy Tabs' and 'Easy Green Liquid All-in one' from Aquarium Co-op.
( my plants were not purchased from there, so the poor plant condition should not be associated with them)
For lighting I currently have a clamp-light sitting over it with regular 60w bulb, on a 12 hour timer. (basement, so not much natural light)
I have CO2 available in the 55G tank which I just set up and planning to use, it is cycled but barely stocked.
Thus I can remove all livestock to put in my other tank, and grow out in 55G if it is a better approach.
(Which i was considering anyway to give it time to root, or to treat algae issues if that becomes a problem while carpet is growing)
I can also take the CO2 from 55G and set it up and use for the quarantine container. (seems extreme)

  1. Suggested approach to fertilizing?
  2. Is water change necessary? how often?
  3. CO2 useful? (or perhaps a Liquid alternative if not already provided by the ferts?)
  4. Should i change type of lighting or increase time to 18 or 24 hours?
  5. Should I add an airstone for bubbles, circulation?

Thanks in advance..

Adding Pics below to give you a better idea of my condition..
I've never bought plants online, so not sure if this is typical condition which should be expected,
But comparing mine below, certainly doesn't look like the ones shown here: Ebay-Micro Sword Pics
(also not where I bought them so shouldn't be compared)

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