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I started up a planted 60 gallon tank about a month ago. It's a Cichlid tank so I decided to stick mostly with Amazon Swords. I started with liquid ferts(Flourish Comprehensive, Trace, and Potassium), but recently switched to Substrate Tabs. After switching( 2 weeks ago), I haven't noticed much of a difference. They are currently covered with brown algea(diatoms?) but I'm hoping its mostly due to it being a fairly new tank. What is the best way to fertilize amazon swords, or any other heavy root feeders? Any suggestions? Thanks!

My Tank:

60 Gallon 48W x 13D x 24H
Flourite 2.5" brown substrate
160 GPH Marineland canister filter with spraybar(Low Surface Agitation)
5lb CO2 system with about 3 bps dissolve rate
1 - 48" 7000k RAY2 FINNEX LED (8 hrs per day)
1 - 30" 7000k RAY2 FINNEX LED (From previous tank, 10 hrs per day)
Topless(No lid)
Lots of driftwood
About 15 assorted African Cichlids
Fertilize with Flourish Comprehensive, trace, and potassium

Current readings:
76 degrees F
Ammonia 0.25 ppm
Nitrate about 15 - 20 ppm
Nitrite 0 ppm
Phosphate 0.25 - 0.5 ppm
GH 322 ppm
KH 286 ppm (taken right before CO2 shuts off at night)
PH 7.6


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