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Hi all,

I dose the following in my low light setup (lots of fast growing plants and light fish load) : Flourish Excel & Flourish Comprehensive

Once every two days, I do:
1. Top-up with 1.5 litre RO water (to replace evaporated water).
2. Dose Flourish Excel (will change to gluteraldehyde in future)
3. Dose Flourish Comprehensive
4. KNO3 (approx 2 ppm)
5. TODO : iron dosing in future

I have started to build an auto-top-up system and hoping to install it next week. The idea is to fill the container with RO water which would be automatically pumped into main system small amount every day. So, i just need to refill the container with ro water once every 3 weeks.

I was wondering if i can pre-mix the recommended dosage (3-weeks worth of) of Excel + Comprehensive + KN03 into this container so that i dont have to worry about dosing for 3 weeks (or untill i fill the container having top-up water). would like to learn from the experts.
Thanks in advance for the advice.
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