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well iam in the process of figuring out a 30 gallon planted tank dosing regiment.once i finish the bamboo floors in the house iam getting a 75 gallon tank so iam testing my knowledge on the 30 gallon for now.i have pressurized co2 1 bubble per second day light and 1 bubble every 6 seconds at night.there are 6 german blue rams.10 neon tetras and 10 ghost shrimp.wish i had cherrys or crs.anyways i bought gregwatson dry ferts/potassium nitrate/potassium sulfate/plantex csm+b and mono potassium phosphate.i bought a lucky 11 mechanical balance from it was 20 dollars shipped to me.they have digital scales that look cool and great warrantys but i went with the mechanical scale as it is a several 100 year old way of weighing accurately and digital electronics scales are not easy to tell if they are working properly with or with out a warranty.and dry ferts are a quessing game at best for me.i used chucks planted aquarium scale to figure out how to dose my potassium ferts but had to search the web for dry dose of plantex csm+b.right now iam dosing for 30 gallons - substrate and rock = 25 gallons.potassium sulfate k2s04 once a week 4.2 grams/plantex csm+b 3 times a week .32 grams/mono potassium phosphate kh2po4 3 times a week.14 grams/potassium nitrate kno3 3 times a week .8 grams.oh i have assorted plants about 6 lightly from local pet stores before i knew any better.i iam thinking to lower my dose because of lightly planted tank.but so far my plants are growing better.the plants have been neglected and there for suffer from algae from i want to see if the plants take off a kind of experiment.i will be redoing the tank withing a couple of months when the bamboo floor is finished.i just dont want to start dumping plants in now becuae i have to move the tank ans will be switching out tank is in the office and that is the last room to get floored so patience i must be but iam hooked on aquariums. oh i was going to do salt water on this 30 gallon but backed out so i still iam using the light i bought a 96 watt 50/50 coralife power compact and iam also using the original 15 watt light that came with the tank switched the bulb in it though to a plant bulb.and a moon light for night time so my one fish see alittle at night as to defend themselfs from the attacks of the chinease algae eater.he attacks at night that nacturnal basterd.
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The shift key and the space key can be your friend. If your keyboard is broken let me know as I have a couple of spares laying around. Right now your post is extremely hard to read.
The Enter key could also be of some help. :D
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