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fertilizer and shrimp?

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i have a low light (?) tank, 10 gallons with 22 watts. i have crypts, java ferns, hornwort, and Myriophyllum tuberculatum. i am thinking that i have to put fertilizer in there and maybe a diy co2 thing. (sorry, i don't know much about this yet)

i had pennywort in there but there was always dead leaves. the java fern also looks pretty blah.

the only fertilizer i could find at the pet store is nutrafin plant gro. is that ok to use? will it hurt my shrimp? up until last night i had 2 tiger shrimp in there but now i just noticed that one died. :( i also have a betta in the tank. i don't think he had anything to do with the shrimp's death. i am so sad!

what do you think? the Myriophyllum tuberculatum was growing like nuts but a few days ago i did a water change and i pruned down the tops and replanted them in place of the pennywort that i got rid of. i am thinking the water change didn't agree with the shrimp. (how do you do a water change without taking the shrimp out? i am so scared i am going to suck them out so i take them out and put them in a holding container while i do the change)

should i use the fertilizer and if i should how often? also, do you think the co2 (bottle with yeast) is a good idea?

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Depending on the type of light bulb you have, you may have low or high light. For example, 22 watts of T5HO lighting would be very different from 22 watts of CFL lighting.

You can try both DIY CO2 and fertilizers; both will benefit your aquarium.

Nutrafin Plant Gro provides micronutrients. Plants will also require macronutrients, so you may either want to look into commercially available products, or to use bulk chemicals (which will be cheaper in the long run).

I dose my shrimp aquarium with fertilizers, using the EI dosing regimen, and they seem fine.

As for how to perform water changes without sucking out the shrimp, you do it very carefully :) You can also use some kind of screen (i.e. old pantyhose) over the intake of the siphon to prevent the shrimp from being sucked up.
thank you :)

can you suggest some brands for me for the macronutrients? i don't have access to anything locally so i will have to order everything online. the plant gro is all the pet store closest to me had.

i have 22 watts of cfl bulbs. i should have mentioned the bulb type in the op. i am still very new to this.

if i put pantyhose over the intake then the plant debris won't get sucked up. how do i get that out? i have very poor suction with my siphon and am having trouble getting it all out. i can't seem to clean the gravel well at all. :( i would love some tips for cleaning gravel better. ;) i used my net to clean up as much of the stirred up debris as i could last time.

thanks again for your help.
In terms of commercial products, Seachem makes a good line of macronutrients. If you are considering bulk chemicals, then there are various vendors online that sell what you require (potassium nitrate and potassium phosphate, at the very least for macronutrients. Depending on your water parameters, you may also need others such as calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and potassium sulfate).

Hydroponics stores are a good place to start looking for bulk chemicals as well.

What is the diameter of the siphon tubing you are using? A larger diameter should be able to suck up the debris. If you are placing a strainer over the tubing, the debris should at least get stuck to it, thus making removal a little easier. There is really no way around not using a strainer, if you want to be 100% sure that you are not sucking up (baby) shrimp.
thanks. i will have a look for the brand you mentioned. i don't think that i will go the bulk route. i only have a 10 gallon right now. maybe in the future when i get the tank of my dreams! :)

i don't have access to hydroponics stores either :( i really live in the middle of no where!

i have a marina aquavac. the hose itself is about a 1 inch diameter. there is a large thing i can put on the end that has a grid type thing on the end that keeps it from sucking up the gravel but that also makes the suction very slow. i hook the siphon up to my tap and turn it on and that is what gets it going but i have very low water pressure so i don't know if maybe that has something to with the slow suction?

i will for sure put panty hose on the end. i really don't want to suck anyone up! especially if i ever end up with baby shrimp. i am very excited about that prospect. i really love the shrimp in there :)

thanks again!
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