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As it's my first post I want to greet all community! I reed a lot of topics and appreciate your help on the below matter.

The Story:

I'm thinking about restarting my tank. It's set up for abt 1.5 year already, but due to lack of knowledge at the begining many mistakes were domnin process that brings me to reconsider the whole setup. Water parameters are stable, no fish were hurt but results were not even part what I expected especially regarding plants, that melted, get algae destroyed etc along the way. Only strongest survived :/

The Tank:

  • 100x50x50cm
  • medium/high stocked South American fish
  • light: fully controlled/adjustable 3x50W 220V WFS COB LED ~5000K, CRI=98 (in construction. Currently 2x36W LED bars 6500K, not plant type)
  • see attached pic of tank
  • pressurised CO2 controlled by pH comp.
  • current parameters pH 6.6, KH 4, GH 12, NH3/4 0, NO2 0, NO3 ~20(tap water pH 7.8, KH 9, GH 12, NO3 ~5)

The Plan:
  • I want to make setup as on the attached plan
  • tank will undergo fishles cycling before adding crew
  • most of the equipment I have already available so that's the answer to some questions "why like that"
  • PPS pro with RO water mineralised(for GH 6 as per Edward advices[if I get things right] but additionally rised KH to 2) as part of current problems is also tap water quality.
  • to have variety of plants all shapes and colours

The Question:
- what fertilising substrate(if that should be called as I do) would be the best/wisest/cost friendly. Depends. I thought about Tropica Plant Growth Substrate as for my research.

Please I await your opinions. I am aware of pros and cons of RUGF, but just want to try it after reading. If some additional info required I will be glad to answer questions. I know subject is complex, involving filtration, ferts etc. but set it up here in substrate as that if general question. My goal is to prep well this time and set up everything right at the begining.

The best to all of U!

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