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I don't know why I have never used the fertilator. Maybe cause it's just another thing I can complicate things with.

Ok so with EI dosing if your dose 10 ppm three times a week then do the %50 water change, are using RODI water and have zero plants or anything using up the nutrients then your initial ppm will be 10 times 3x a week, doubling over time correct?

If this is true and I'm not botching somethings then it would be possible for me to reach

76.8 ppm of KNO3
16.02 ppm PO4
66.78 ppm K
1.56 ppm Fe

This is using my ghetto eBay scale (I'm sure with the way my coffee table looks right now the neighbors are calling the cops). Dosing my 40 breeder using the 40-60 gallon dosing levels and NOT accounting for whatever gallons I'm missing due to substrate and equipment and that I have zero of these things in my tap. (which I believe to be true from the test). I'm not sure where I'm going from here I was just surprised at the numbers.
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