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Hi my first post!!
I have some questions for dosing with ferts.
I have a 33g community tank with 30+ small fish and inverts

Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate with some in gravel osmocote.

Two 24" HO T5's on 8 hours synced with CO2 one bubble per second

Lots of plants including Madagascar lace which has just sprouted a flower, anubias which are struggling with yellow edges, grasses and swords.

Not much algae issues.

Weekly 25% water changes.

I have on hand:

Aquavitro Synthesis
Aquavitro Activate
Aquavitro Carbonate​
Seachem Flourish
Seachem Trace
Seachem Iron [for rotala which died in my tank, like some many others before :icon_redf ]

I would be thrilled to have someone expert/experienced to sort a dosing regime in days and mls.

I love the hobby and being very creative, although its frustrating when the failures can be life and death for the little critters we cherish.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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