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Hi my first post!!
I have some questions for dosing with ferts.
I have a 33g community tank with 30+ small fish and inverts

Eco-Complete Planted Aquarium Substrate with some in gravel osmocote.

Two 24" HO T5's on 8 hours synced with CO2 one bubble per second

Lots of plants including Madagascar lace which has just sprouted a flower, anubias which are struggling with yellow edges, grasses and swords.

Not much algae issues.

Weekly 25% water changes.

I have on hand:

Aquavitro Synthesis
Aquavitro Activate
Aquavitro Carbonate​
Seachem Flourish
Seachem Trace
Seachem Iron [for rotala which died in my tank, like some many others before :icon_redf ]

I would be thrilled to have someone expert/experienced to sort a dosing regime in days and mls.

I love the hobby and being very creative, although its frustrating when the failures can be life and death for the little critters we cherish.


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Whatever you do I would start out slowly and not make a lot of changes at once, especially since your tank is doing so well. There are two major dosing methods, EI (estimative index) and PPM (perpetual preservation system). I suggest you read about both but if you want to stick to 25% water changes then you will want to go the PPM route. This calculator should help you out as well - Rotala Butterfly | Planted Aquarium Nutrient Dosing Calculator

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I would recommend you follow one of the two most popular dosing methods,
Estimative Index (EI)
Perpetual Preservation System (PPS)

Below are the amounts for one dose of each method using the fertilizers you have. The equilibrium should only be added once a week. You can follow the directions on the iron bottle if you want. However, I doubt you will need it. As far as the Flourish Trace, no need to use it. You have more than enough traces in the Flourish Comprehensive.

[B][U]Fertilizer[/U]		[U]EI[/U]	[U]PPS[/U]	[U]Element[/U][/B]
Aquavitro Synthesis	6ml	0.8ml	N
Aquavitro Activate	8ml	0.6ml	P	
Aquavitro Carbonate	11ml	1.9ml	K
Seachem Flourish 	7.1ml	3.5ml	Trace
Equalibrium		2 1/2 tsp. 1 3/4 tsp. GH
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