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Ferret vs. Shoes

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Back in November, we added another pet to our menagerie:

Her name is Loblolly (like the pine tree). Like all ferrets, she loves to steal stuff.

In her case, she really loves to steal shoes. So much that we decided to try our hand at something new - making a music video.

It's cute, it's funny, it contains mildly salty language (you're warned). And it's here:

We're probably biased, but we think it's a great video. We want people to see and be entertained by it. And of course, we want people to see the small plug for our art website in the credits too! But it's hard to get a new video noticed on Youtube amongst the thousands that get posted every day.

So I'm asking for your help. If you really like the video, please comment on it, rate it, favorite it, subscribe to our channel. Share it with friends who might like it. And only if you can do so tastefully and appropriately, share it with people on other forums.

We hope you enjoy it, and thanks!
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Our pet rats will take toy cars and run across the room. I've never video taped it, but it is pretty funny.

We had ferrets in the past too. I wish they didn't have such an odor. Our rats are much tamer smelling.
Hahahaha, that is funny :)

I always wanted a ferret...but I have always been worried about the smell also. If I lived somewhere with a garage and it was warm 24/7 I bet I could get my parents to let me make a 10'x10' room filled with tons of toys.
what a cutie!!! the only ferret ive ever known used to "ferret dance" for the sound of grocery bags rustling... sadly sasha died about 5 years agao. she also had a bad habit of nipping toes :)
LOL! Very cute!
The first time I've ever seen a Ferret was on the show "The Beastmaster", that was one of my childhood shows. I always thought Ferret are smart as heck and very sneaky when they steal stuff. Thought it was all fake, didn't know they're like that in real life. Hecka cool none the less!
Thanks folks!

I'm a ferret newb and was worried about the smell too - most of the ferrets I've seen were at pet stores, and they usually reek there. Lolly also smelled very bad when we got her. Now she has proper quarters and regular baths. The ferrety smell isn't gone, but greatly reduced, and no longer an assault on the nose. :) Honestly, I've met some dogs who smelled worse.

The baths also have a bonus. We rub her mostly dry with a towel, then she does a dance that reminds me of the lyric from Digital Underground's Humpty Dance song, "it's supposed to look like a fit or a convulsion". Apparently, that's how they dry off! The "let's party" segment in the video, where she's totally flipping out, captures a few seconds of that.

All in all, she's a very amusing and lovable pet.

Occasionally, she also steals a bunch of Fed-Ex bubble mailers and anti-static bubble bags. Instead of hauling these to her stash under the couch, she makes a neat little path leading from the computer room to the couch. It's almost like a walkway. I'd love to know what's going through her mind when she does that!
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When I was younger I always wanted a ferret, but my parents wouldn't get me one because they smelled. Love this video though!! Very funny!
Cute video! I love ferrets! But I never understand anyone's fascination with shoes. I run around barefoot most of the time. :)
Cute video! I love ferrets! But I never understand anyone's fascination with shoes. I run around barefoot most of the time. :)
I don't know why Stef has all those, because she prefers being barefoot too. (And it's not like they fit the ferret either). :)

PS - Just checked out your Tiny Treasure, I like it!
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