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Hi, I had a small tank with a female and a Male platy. They gave birth to another male and female platy. The older fish both died shortly after the birth of the little ones. Now, the 2 babies are fully grown fish and they have been peacefully swimming together forever. I got a bigger tank and added a male and a female guppy.
The problem started with the male guppy relentlessly chasing the female platy. To solve the problem, I was advised to add another 2 female guppies and another female platy, to distract the males from the one female platy. However, none of the males care about the other females in the tank but continue to chase this one female platy and she is getting distressed.
Could she be pregnant? Any advice?
The rest of females are peacefully swimming together. Also the second female platy has tried to join the platy group but the male platy doesn't accept her.
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