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Hey there!

I have a 10 gal betta tank and picked up 2 ghost shrimp today when I bought a new aquarium plant. When I got home I realized that one of the shrimp is definitely a female with eggs. I have no experience, or desire really, to raise a batch of baby ghost shrimp and will be gone in 3 weeks for 12 weeks this summer so I'm leaving my fish with a friend. Any thoughts of what I should do with her? I know that people use ghost shrimp as feeders sometimes but I hate the idea of just flushing her. I put her in a 1 gallon jar but don't really have the setup for breeding.

If you're experienced with ghost shrimp let me know what you think! I may call the pet store and ask if they want her back, it's a local chain and I'm assuming they breed in the store.

Thank you!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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