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Female Electric Rams and tankmates?

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Hi folks!

I have a 14 gallon tank, cycled, well planted, running for over a year, water quality is good and stable (0 ammonia and nitrites, nitrates around 10ish, indian almond leaf every couple of months). It housed neon tetras before they were upgraded to a 25g community tank.

An aquarist friend recommended Electric Blue Rams, and I bought a pair that seem okay, but they're really skittish. I've had them for over a month now, and the LFS tried very hard to grab me a very young male/female pair. I've studied them a lot, and am 90% sure now that they are actually both female (hard to know for sure, obviously, but the dorsal fins seem rounded when spread out).

My question: Is this a problem? I know two males is not a good idea, but what about two females? Is it no problem at all, or should I attempt to trade for a male? I don't have a personal preference, I just want the fish to not be stressed.

I also read on a couple of websites that EBRs are best kept with calming tankmates to keep them from being so skittish. Is that true, and would that work with two females? If so, what could I add to a 14g without crowding it? The tank has a cave that the rams seem to enjoy sometimes, which might help if there are tankmates.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks!

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Carpe Diem
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A small school ~7 of cardinals, rummynoses, glowlights and such would make them feel safer.
Same sex is fine, when there is an odd number of M and F it is when the trouble starts.


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Two males would be just fine as long as there are no females to fight over. Once they pair up is when they can get a little nasty to other Ram's so you should be fine. They do seem to prefer someone else in the tank as long as they are a peaceful fish. I noticed that even the addition of cherry shrimp in a tank seemed to ease them just a little bit as they weren't the only living things moving around in the tank. I just have ancistrus, cories or shrimp as tankmates for my Ram's as I have way to many tanks to get multiple schools of tetras/pencil's or whatever.
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