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Feeding Schedule.

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Setting up a 7 gallon planted Nano tank. Plan on having a few tetras and a Betta in there once cycled. It's for my office. I just thought of something though. What about feeding on the weekends? Would I have to make a trip in to feed on the weekend? I know I should feed at least 2 small meals daily so, how do you deal with the office tanks?

Auto feeder comes to mind. Although, not sure how well those work. Any ideas?
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They will be fine for the weekend without food. I feed my fish once a day usually, sometimes twice. I also have a tank at work with endlers and shrimp, they eat four or five meal per week and do just fine. Auto feeders will probably to more harm than good.
Thanks for the reply Yoink. Endlers and Shrimp? What size is it? And, do you have problems with them breeding?
It is a 2.5 gallon. Do you mean problems as in they won't reproduce, or that they reproduce so much in a small tank? The endlers are all male, and I pull a few cherrys out every once in a while to avoid crowding.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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