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Feeding issue

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My shrimp tank has neos, otos, and ramshorn snails. My issue is that any food that I put in the tank is immediately eaten by the snails. They create a big pile on top of the food which prevents the shrimp and otos from even getting near it. This has also resulted in a HUGE population explosion. I have literally hundreds of freshly hatched snails. Is there any way to prevent the snails from eating the food? At this point I regret getting them. I'm debating on temporarily moving the shrimp and letting my loaches or puffer eat all the snails, but I'm afraid to move my shrimp. I have a couple berried ones and don't want to stress them.
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I would put the food in, wait for it to get swarmed and then grab it out of the tank. The shrimp will jump off, the snails will not. Repeat until the population has been culled.
My only issue with the bait method is that I have oto fry in the tank, and I'm afraid I'll be pulling them out along with the snails. Is there anything that would draw in just the snails? I know any kind of vegetable is probably out of the question.
Oto fry will flee the food as soon as you grab it, but the snails will hold on for dear life
Okay, I guess I'll start baiting then, rather than moving the shrimp. As long as the population is under control I don't mind if there are a few left in there. They are pink ones which I paid for just recently. I would ROAK the adults, but the shells on the original adults aren't in very good condition. Whatever tank they came from must have been lacking calcium.
Yep, snails are dumb. They'll come out with the food.
Why not take out the snails you don't like and put them in with the loaches and puffer instead of moving the shrimp?

If you have some not-plain baby ramshorns, I'll take some as an RAOK. ;)

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